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Each year Farther Foundation grants help eager and deserving students travel across the country and around the world. They discover the best in themselves and bring those lessons home to their families, their schools and their communities. They also share their experiences with us through photos and stories. We in turn share them with you in our annual publication, Reflections. We invite you to explore our students' journeys.

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2018 Mid-Year report

Our alumni spotlight is on Angelicca who finished her term on our Board of Directors, and Paula who is starting hers.  Meet Jackie, part of our class of 2018. Find out who will be telling stories at out StorySlam benefit this October.

2018 Mid-Year Report >

2017 annual report

Our program alumni Kayla, Jazmin and David went on to attend Marquette, Washington University and the University of Illinois. We talk to them to see what it is like to start their freshman year at college.

2017 Annual Report >


2017 mid-year report

We shine a spotlight on Corbin, our musical alumnus and a graduate of Moorehouse College. See his photos with President Obama and Chance the Rapper.

2017 Mid-Year Report >