Farther Foundation announces scholarship recipients for 2019

31 eager and deserving students will receive scholarships to travel across the country and around the world this summer. They will study on elite college campuses, explore wild ecosystems, immerse themselves in new languages and cultures and participate in service projects on five continents. Meet our students and hear a little of what they shared with us in their scholarship applications.

Alejandro pre-photo.jpg


10-day, Costa Rica, environmental conservation project

“Upon my return, I look forward to sharing my experiences of different communities around the world with my family and my own community, helping them learn about that part of the world through my experience.”

Anastasiya pre[photo.jpg


18-day, Thailand, cultural immersion and critical issues summit

“I want to get out into the world and get directly involved in the things that I have simply only had the opportunity to research and talk about with other students.”



29-day, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, cultural and scientific exploration

“What most excites me has to be the opportunity to visit the islands that Charles Darwin wrote about in his studies. They are known to be the most bio-diverse islands in the world that and there the group will learn about conservation efforts being made on the Galapagos Islands.”

Angelica pre-photo.jpg


14-day, Guadeloupe, service projects, cultural and language immersion

“I am driven by injustices worldwide to take action through serving marginalized communities. I use service as an outlet to voice my opinion against injustices and as a method of working for justice.”



20-day, University of Maryland, college campus experience

“I dream of being a lawyer and defending unfair social justice cases. Through this opportunity I will able to advance my knowledge of the debating aspect of lawyers and learn how to help people based on the constitution.”



30-day, Jordan, cultural and language immersion and service

“Soccer is my passion. I learn from it every single time I play. When I play with a team for a long time, they become my family. We learn so much about each other and that is what makes us a better team.”

Ayonie - pre-photo.jpg


21-day, Ghana, Cultural exploration and service projects

“I feel that art can speak volumes on a true message whether it’s through movement, writing, or drawing. I feel that this feature of the program will help me expand my knowledge of a different culture and expand my creative thinking.”

Bennie pre-photo.jpg


34-day, Finland, cultural immersion

“I am a buddy with the Best Buddies International program, where I serve as a buddy to a peer with an intellectual or developmental disability. We enjoy lunches together, walks, and social events. I believe everyone should have the same school experience as others and enjoy friendships and clubs just like all students.”

Britney pre-photo.png


14-day, Emory University, college campus experience

“My family is unique in every way possible - we are tough. Not just anything can knock us down; nothing, in fact, has ever knocked us down. The year of processing paperwork to come to the U.S. did not knock us down. My brother’s passing, which is still very raw and difficult to even think about, has not knocked us down. Whatever it is, we always get back up. I believe this is why I am the way I am - resilient.”



30-day, Italy, cultural and language immersion and culinary arts

“As a Mexican descendant, my culture is a meaningful part of my life. I was taught to accept and cherish the values and traditions my ancestors left behind for me. I understand that there are more cultures that I can appreciate and learn about, and I know that my trip to Italy will do just that.”


14-day, Johns Hopkins University, college campus experience, introduction to healthcare

“Now that I am older and aware of the dangers of a toxic environment, I try my best to give a much healthier environment to my relatives. Ever since my niece Nicole was born, I vowed to show her and her brother how their environment should be.”



24-day, Tanzania, Cultural immersion and service projects

“I grew up not living for myself but to live and succeed for the future of my whole family. Being a first-generation student I carry the baggage of my family, my job is to correct the incorrect and to fulfill the unfulfilled. I grew up having to put aside dreaming for reality.”

Hannia pre-photo.jpg


14-day, Brown University, campus experience

“Growing up, I saw how many of my older cousins got very close to going to college, but many factors prevented them from achieving their dream. My mother did not have the opportunity to complete middle school because she had to take her of her siblings in Mexico. I have also seen how hard they struggle and how hard my mother works. For this reason, I want to serve as an example to my little cousins that completing an education is possible.”



15-day, Harvard University, campus experience

“I have chosen to take introduction to cancer, I chose cancer after I found how hard it can be for someone who is going through it. My cousin a year ago found out she had cancer. I saw how hard it was on her and how difficult it has been on her family.”

Jackie pre-photo.jpg


30-day, Japan, Cultural and language immersion

“I have noticed that if you do not take that first step, you will never get to your destination.”

Jadrien's Powerschool Photo.jpeg


14-day, Johns Hopkins University, college campus experience, introduction to healthcare

“A sense of independence is something I have not often had time to practice because, as a twin, I have hit all my milestones with my brother right alongside me. Even now, my brother and I have the same academic courses, at the same time, in the same high school. The Discover Med program at John Hopkins will allow me to gain this sense of independence that I have not yet been able to explore because of how close my brother and I are.”


24-day, Tanzania, cultural immersion and service projects

“Even more than the safari, I am excited about the service, which would be to help build a village classroom that accommodates 50 students and teaching English to Tanzanian students at a local orphanage.”

jennifer pre-photo.jpg


28-day, Morocco, cultural immersion, arts exploration

“I am the only girl in my whole family who plays soccer, all my other girl cousins are not interested at all in soccer, but all my guy cousins and uncles were, so I learned everything I know from them. I played with guys my whole life so that explains where my aggressiveness came from.”

John pre-photo.jpg


30-day, Argentina, language and cultural immersion

“The main consequence of living in one community for a lifetime is that one has a limited mindset. I’ve grown up in a neighborhood racked with people that have grown comfortable living from check to check and with my mother telling me stories of family and community members who had the potential to have amazing futures but sadly never met their potential.”

Kennedi Rawls Picture.png


14-day, Yale University, college campus experience

“My neighborhood has influenced me and my life. Where I come from there is a cycle of failure, when you’re born, you’re born into it. I personally don’t want to be a part of that ever-lasting cycle; I want to break it. I know that there is more to my life than failure because I have the necessary support and courage to overcome obstacles in my life.”

Laila pre-photo.jpeg


14-day Stanford University, college campus experience

“Your education is something no one can take away from you - you will always have that and a voice, so you need to use it to benefit yourself and the world.”



30-day, Japan, cultural and language immersion

“Something both of my parents want for me is to receive the things they never had the chance to. This would include going to college, getting a degree in a major I enjoy and having a job I am fond of.”

Maya Grant pre-photo.jpeg


20-day, South Africa, cultural immersion, team building and leadership training

“Because of my experience I’ve learned to self-advocate and ask for help if its needed. Along with learning the important of self-advocacy, I believe that I’ve also become more empathetic towards those that live with mental and physical disabilities. Now I know that a disability doesn’t stop anything, it just makes you work a little harder for what you want.”



24-day, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, cultural and scientific exploration

“My mom is a single parent who is disabled and unable to work. She spends most of her time giving back to the community and volunteering at our church. For my family, it might be hard at times with one parent around, but we find ways to unite and enjoy each other’s presence.”

Nikki pre-photo.jpg


18-day, Brown University, college campus experience

“I have something in common within millions of people in the United States, but it isn’t something people usually want. I always knew I was different. It’s the kind where you’re in limbo and you don’t know your place in the world. The place where you were born feels too foreign, and the area where you live doesn’t accept you. You’re left wondering: where do I belong?”

Oche pre-photo.jpg


14-day, France, cultural and language immersion

“I became interested in French when I was about eight years old. I read these books called, “Fancy Nancy”. Nancy used large words like extraordinary, and astonishing, as well as, French words like esquise (exquisite), oui (yes), and amour (love). The fact that she was ‘fancy’ Nancy and she used ‘fancy’ French words made me think speaking French was fancy. I longed to be like Nancy!”


28-day, Costa Rica, cultural immersion and environmental exploration

“I have always found a deep interest in the automotive industry and their technological advancements. I worked as a mechanic to buy my own project vehicle and make it electric (still in process). I am looking forward to studying environmental and mechanical engineering to fully understand the best of both worlds so I can create a new innovative car company that could revolutionize vehicle efficiency.”

Sirk, Sarah. pre-photo.jpeg


15-day, Colorado Collage, college campus experience

“A sense of becoming independent and responsible is an enormous challenge, this is what students might feel when they are about to attend college or a summer program like this one. I can feel a bit overwhelmed with all the choices I can make. For example, I do not know what to expect after high school.”

Titus Ogungbemi.jpg


14-day, Boston University, college campus experience

“As a first-generation student, I want to pursue all the advantages that college has to offer. I plan to major in computer science with a focus in cyber security. Technology is evolving so quickly, and I want to be a part of it.”

vianey pre-photo.jpg


22-day, France, cultural immersion

“For the program I will be staying with a family who lives in France. I am really excited for this part of the trip because I will be immersed in culture and learn about their traditions and customs. I will see first-hand how their day to day life varies from my own.”

Yaritza Pre-photo.jpg


19-day, Stanford University, college campus experience

“Both of my parents sacrificed their own dreams in the hopes that they could make something of their children. Because of this story, along with the stories of my siblings and their journey in America, I understand the importance of education and hard work. I know I am privileged to be an American citizen, and although I face adversity due to our structure of society, I understand I have it easier than my siblings ever did.”

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Farther Foundation Adds Board Members

Farther Foundation adds board members

Farther Foundation is pleased to ring in 2019 with the addition of two new board members. We welcome Melissa Coughlin and Nicky Fish. Farther Foundation Board President, David Weindling said, “Both Melissa and Nicky bring a passion for our mission born from personal experiences with service and travel. Our board and organization will also benefit from their professional skills and competencies.”