10-Year impact report

For ten years, Farther Foundation has been collecting data on our students, their experiences and their academic progress. We continually evaluate our data to test our assumptions and effectiveness, to inform our program implementation, and to report on our impact. This report, at our ten-year milestone, is an opportunity to share with our partners and supporters an in-depth evaluation, discussion, and presentation of what we have learned.

Your browser may give you the opportunity to view or download the report in Acrobat Reader. We recommend you use this option to read the report in book layout form with two-page spreads as it was designed.

Ten-year Impact Report >

student yearbook

Each year Farther Foundation grants help eager and deserving students travel across the country and around the world. They discover the best in themselves and bring those lessons home to their families, their schools and their communities. They also share their experiences with us through photos and stories. We in turn share them with you in our annual publication, Reflections. We invite you to explore our students' journeys.

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2019 mid-year Report

31 more students get ready to set off on new adventures. We highlight 2019 cohort students Hannia and Bennie, and we check-in with our alumni Aude and Froilan about transitioning from one phase of life to the next. We also have early news about some of our storytellers for StorySlam, 2019 — tickets are available now for the big event on October 10!

2019 Mid-year Report >


2018 Annual Report

We celebrate 10 years of life-changing experiences. We highlight 2018 scholar Marisa’s trip to Ecuador. We catch up with 2011 alumnus Marylyn. We review 10 years of impact, and we acknowledge the support of our donors.

2018 Annual Report >

2018 Mid-Year report

Our alumni spotlight is on Angelicca who finished her term on our Board of Directors, and Paula who is starting hers.  Meet Jackie, part of our class of 2018. Find out who will be telling stories at out StorySlam benefit this October.

2018 Mid-year Report >