Farther Foundation Annual Report - 2018

Jordan (Top) joined a diverse group of students at Boston University gaining experience and confidence as he prepares for the next step in his education.

Jordan (Top) joined a diverse group of students at Boston University gaining experience and confidence as he prepares for the next step in his education.

President’s Message

2009 - 2019

Ten years of achievement. Ten years of success. In our annual report we feature just a few of the more than 200 students who Farther Foundation has helped to participate in life-changing experiences around the globe. Whether they spend time studying on a college campus, like Jordan or Marylyn, or are immersed in a foreign land and culture like Marisa, our students acquire knowledge and skills they can apply both to their immediate education and to their long-term educational and life choices. They gain confidence from their success and, having broadened their horizons, begin to aspire to even greater achievements. Farther Foundation provides the resources and opportunities to inspire deserving students, and we, in turn, are inspired by them!

David Weindling
Farther Foundation - Founder and Board President

Mission & Vision

Farther Foundation helps students break free from the constraints of poverty and socio-economic isolation and propels them toward outstanding academic and personal achievement. We provide opportunities for deserving students to travel worldwide and participate in programs where they are immersed in new cultures, develop skills, provide service, gain confidence, cultivate leadership potential and attain personal growth.

10 Years of inspiration & destinations

Our students have traveled to 32 countries on 6 continents between 2009 - 2019

Our students have traveled to 32 countries on 6 continents between 2009 - 2019

2018 Student traveler - Marisa

Marisa is a wonderful high school scholar and activist. In her scholarship application to us, we saw a young woman with a generous heart and a passionate spirit who was prepared to take full advantage of an educational travel experience. Farther Foundation helped Marisa travel to Ecuador where she fully immersed herself in the culture and geography of a foreign land.

Thump thump thump.

The constant beat shook the ground, pulling my body in different directions as it felt the flow of the horns blown, the drum’s batter, the chants of a language unfamiliar. Our bodies circled the growing fire, moving in tandem as the sweat dripped down our faces, the heat of the fire and the sun enveloping us like a warm hug. The soft, white gravel beneath clung to the bottoms of my feet, but instead of hurting, only made me want to curl up my toes and appreciate the ground and the beauty of the simple Earth around me. In my sights, the sloping, green peaks rose and fell, occasionally hiding themselves in the cover of a cloud. Even farther, the jagged, white peaks of Chimborazo loomed in the distance, almost asking for the attention, standing tall and proud for the world to see. In my gentle sway, the smokey roast of meat filled my nose, taking my breath away. The rhythmic flow of my limbs continued, despite the overwhelming flood that had taken over my senses. Soon, we would kneel and rise, kneel and rise in prayer and salutation to the Sun, thanking her for the warm rays that shone upon us, granting us the gift of light.
— Marisa

Alumni story - Marylyn


In 2011, Farther Foundation awarded Marylyn a scholarship to spend the summer on the campus of Brown University and experience what it is like to be away from home and to interact with a diverse group of high achieving students. When we first met Marylyn as a high school sophomore applying to Farther Foundation, we learned that before high school she was not a particularly eager student. Today, Marylyn is a (first-generation) graduate of the University of Vermont who is currently pursuing a masters degree in teaching from the University of Miami while at the same time working as a teacher through Teach for America. Despite her busy schedule, Marylyn recently found time to talk with us about her life journey so far. Here is some of our conversation:

Farther: At what point in your schooling did you start to think you might want to go to college?

Marylyn: I never thought about going to college until I got to high school. My teachers and principal told me that I could get into and through college often enough that I began to believe it.

Not only did my teachers/mentors tell me that I would graduate from college, they also found opportunities for me to be on college campuses while I was in high school. My sophomore year, Mr. Hugulet asked me to apply for the Father Foundation scholarship so that I could go to Brown for a month. We were both very ecstatic when I got it.

Farther: How did your high school summer experience at Brown affect what you thought about college and your future potential?

Marylyn: I grew up on the South Side of Chicago, and never really left. My mother was over-protective and sheltered me a lot. Spending a summer at Brown allowed me to explore and to meet people from all over the world who were different than me. They pushed my thinking (to this day, I still talk to one of my friends from Summer@Brown and I saw her in 2017). At Brown I took two classes: Women in Leadership and Skepticism. I left Brown wanting answers. I appreciated the experience because it exposed me to life on a college campus. It made me feel like I could study and be anything. And, although I hate to admit it, it also made me realize how limited my knowledge was compared to others. And, this pushed me to read even more when I got back to Chicago. I wanted to be able to compete and co-exist with people who weren’t first-gen college students.

Farther: What is your Teach for America experience like?

Marylyn: Last year I taught fourth grade, and I was supposed to teach fourth grade again this year. I did for three weeks and then I was moved to Kindergarten. Unfortunately, in under-resourced schools, teachers are moved a lot, so they never really master grade level content. But, I finally feel like I know what I am doing so that my students will leave my class prepared for the next year.

Being able to make learning fun for students, and seeing their growth is a joy. Students didn’t know how write their own names, let alone what letters were, now they can read and write on their own.

I teach in North Miami, and although it isn’t the most glamorous neighborhood, I get to learn about my students’ cultures. A lot of my students are Haitian, and I get to learn about Haiti and to make them feel welcome in our classroom.

Farther: What is next for you?

Marylyn: I will stay in the classroom for another year. I am considering a Ph.D in Sociology. My dream school is UChicago! I want to move back to Chicago in 2020 to use my knowledge to empower students there, to help mobilize communities of color, and to encourage those who can to vote.

Farther: Do you have anything else to share with us?

Marylyn: I have three older siblings. None of them went to college. But, since my college graduation, my younger brother has enrolled and just finished his first semester at Brown University. I think that seeing me accomplish my goals has pushed him to also reach for his. This has created a ripple effect and I cannot wait to see where our future generations end up. This upward mobility is only possible because of great opportunities, like Farther Foundation, that allowed me to explore a world that I wouldn’t have on the South Side of Chicago.

impact - 10 years of changing lives

Farther Foundation has been supporting deserving students to participate in educational travel programs since 2009. In that time, we have watched as more than 200 students venture from high school to college to career. Our students’ rates of high school graduation, college enrollment and college persistence (as reported below) far exceed their peers — and for that matter, any group of students you care to compare them to. Congratulations to the students from Farther Foundation!

Expense Report - 2018

  • In 2018, 41 deserving students were awarded more than $100,000 in grants and prizes.


Farther Foundation is very grateful to acknowledge the support of the generous donors who believe in our mission and the potential of the students we serve.

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